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Archive for April 2024

Why Did Stocks Pull Back in April?

Monthly Economic News

INVESTMENT COMMITTEE COMMENTARY April 2024 Stocks ended April lower as benchmark indices endured their first downturn in several months. Throughout April, investors had to factor in the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) apparent intent to hold interest rates at a two-decade high, the track of inflation, and geopolitical risks from the escalating wars in the Middle East…

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Various State Income Taxes: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly

Advisor Perspective

When choosing where to live there are many factors that we take into consideration: proximity to friends and family, career opportunities, geographic/climate preferences, etc. While many of these choices are preferential to the individual, there is another factor that is likely unanimously one-sided: Cost of living. Who wouldn’t prefer it to cost less to live…

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