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Archive for January 2023

Investor Expectations – Out of Step with Federal Reserve Outlook

Monthly Economic News

INVESTMENT COMMITTEE COMMENTARY January 2023 Both stocks and bonds began the new year with strong returns. Recent economic data indicates progress in lowering inflation although it will take a while to achieve the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) target inflation rate of 2%. Wall Street remains hopeful the economy can weather more interest-rate hikes by the Fed…

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Navigating Retirement Planning with Secure Act 2.0

Advisor Perspective

On the last Friday of 2022, December 30th, the SECURE Act 2.0 was signed into law. The bill, which spent most of the year in a holding pattern of sorts, had overwhelming bipartisan support. Much like its predecessor, the SECURE Act that was passed in 2019, the changes are going to have broad implications on…

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