At JMG, we’ve worked hard to build a great, enduring company.

We continue to seek new ways to serve our clients, to understand each client’s financial objectives, and to help them achieve those ambitions.


At JMG, our goal is simple: to help our clients and their families grow, manage, and sustain their wealth. We are an employee-owned, fee-only, registered investment advisory firm, which allows us to make objective and independent decisions on behalf of our clients.


We hold ourselves to a very high standard for performance and accountability. We follow strict performance management practices, nurture a culture of individual accountability, invest in staff education and training, and ensure ongoing communications between our firm and our clients.

Customized Advice

When it comes to life-changing events such as job changes, retirement, or the sale of a family business, JMG can help you make informed decisions and gain control of your finances. We can provide necessary advice, whether your goal is improved investment returns, minimizing tax liabilities, extracting wealth from your privately owned business, or transferring assets to your family.