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John Karavouzis


John still remembers the client who struggled with the decision to retire because of concerns about finances. The thought of moving forward was a little scary. John worked closely with him, developing an informed and strategic retirement plan that enabled his client to retire confidently. He later told John it was the best decision he’d ever made.

Those moments when everything comes together through personal relationships based on trust and thoughtful guidance underscore the personal service that John provides. He enjoys helping clients set their financial goals and developing plans to put them on the right path.

John joined JMG in 2005. He made the difficult decision to leave the firm in 2016 so that he could work closer to home and spend less time commuting and more time with his family. He returned in 2018 to enhance his financial planning expertise, continue learning and again enjoy the family atmosphere that JMG is so well-known for.

Outside work, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Jamie, and their two daughters. They like to travel, explore new places and have fun during movie and game nights.

Joined JMG





Bachelor of Science in finance – Illinois State University


“I enjoy educating people in areas of financial planning, whether it’s a client, a friend or someone I just met.”