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Jake Stanczyk


After starting each day with strong coffee, Jake addresses his clients’ needs proactively. His process includes analyzing each client’s situation to identify financial opportunities and strategizing how to present them clearly and effectively. He tailors his advice to fit each client’s unique circumstances and goals.

He enjoys empowering individuals and families to live their lives to the fullest, and seeing it firsthand gives him a sense of joy. For example, when Jake helps clients realize they can donate more to their favorite charities than they thought possible or generously provide for their children, he feels elated.

Outside work, Jake enjoys spending time with his wife and their two boys, and a feisty goldendoodle. When time allows, he participates in kickboxing and plays golf.

Joined JMG





Bachelor of Science in business – University of Minnesota

Past Boards

Board of Chapter Advisors – Phi Gamma Delta (Mu Sigma chapter)

“Transparency creates an unparalleled level of trust. When you’re transparent, there’s no doubt that you’re acting as a true fiduciary for the client.”