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Ed Raffenetti

Senior Systems Administrator

It’s no secret that tax season can be a stressful time for anyone who works in wealth management. JMG takes a unique approach to this busy period by providing creative outlets that help the team weather the season successfully.

For example, Ed Raffenetti came up with the idea of creating “WJMG,” an in-house radio station that plays music over the public-address system. Employees can make requests for songs and participate in live trivia games.

“Tax season can be strenuous,” he says. “Everyone appreciates a little levity and being able to take a break from time to time.”

The firm is also known for nurturing employees, giving them the tools to learn, grow and succeed, whether they want to become advisors or accept other roles.

“Management values the employees,” Ed says. “We frequently meet with them and talk about their career paths and advancement. We discuss what they need to do each day, as well as how they can improve.”

Prospective employees should be detail-oriented, have good customer service skills and be technically proficient, he says. Being in a service-based business, JMG works hard to build long-term relationships with clients.

“We provide a high level of client service, and we expect everyone to contribute to that culture,” Ed says.