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Donna Smolich

Human Resources Director

Ambition is the key that will open the door to a successful career at JMG, says Donna Smolich.

“Our employees who do their jobs well and take the initiative to go above and beyond what’s expected thrive,” she says. “The opportunities here are endless for prospective employees who are willing to do that.”

Helping others without being asked – even if the work isn’t in their job descriptions – is a fundamental part of JMG’s culture, Donna says.

JMG has grown significantly since Donna joined the firm, adding employees and offices, but has maintained a friendly, family-like atmosphere.

“We’re different from other firms in how we treat our employees,” she says. “We go out of our way to make their time here as enjoyable as we can while getting the work done.”

Donna joined JMG as a receptionist and served in positions of increasing responsibility. She’s had the opportunity to see the business from many aspects and has always considered it her “home.”

“I’ve never felt a need to look elsewhere for ‘better’ opportunities because I’ve always been able to find them here,” she says.