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Chloe Fakhouri


While some people avoid number-crunching and deep financial analyses, Chloe loves rolling up her sleeves and diving in. The satisfaction that comes from client service and building long-term, meaningful relationships makes each day exciting.

Transparency is the first step in building sound relationships with clients. Chloe focuses on trust as the foundation for all of her interactions. Giving clients the information they need to make informed decisions is one of her goals. Another is to help them feel a sense of comfort about their financial situations and plans.

Chloe joined JMG Financial Group based on the company’s unique approach to client service and employee development. JMG not only puts clients first but also gives employees the tools to succeed – a rarity in the financial sector.

Outside work, Chloe enjoys reading, cooking and engaging in her yoga practice.

Joined JMG





Bachelor of Science in finance and management – DePaul University

“There’s no greater satisfaction than when clients express their faith and confidence in the services we provide.”