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Bridget Trainor


Bridget isn’t afraid of being pushed outside her comfort zone — a space that allows her to help her clients and bring them new opportunities. Although she serves as a financial advisor, she also considers educating clients and teaching financial literacy to be a critical part of her job.

Helping people reach their goals is one of the many reasons Bridget enjoys financial planning. The results of an investment may come quickly or take years to fully progress. Whether a client hopes to buy a vacation home, pay for college or save for retirement, Bridget is there every step of the way.

Bridget knows that trusting someone else with their greatest investment takes a leap of faith. She believes in building relationships and making sure all her clients are informed, comfortable and educated in the choices they’re making about their goals. No detail is too small when it comes to client communication.

Before joining JMG Financial Group, Bridget worked with UBS and Oxford Harriman & Company.

When she isn’t helping clients, Bridget can be found trying new restaurants in the Chicago area and spending time with her family.

Joined JMG





Bachelor of Science in business administration – John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio

“Without transparency, a relationship cannot be built.”