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Brett Ludwig

Brett Ludwig


When Brett joined JMG straight out of college, the finance major faced a reality familiar to many recent graduates.

“You realize pretty quickly how much you have to learn,” he says.

Fortunately for Brett, JMG’s focus on supporting, mentoring, and helping new team members advance their careers made that realization more encouraging than intimidating.

“Even as a kid coming out of college, you can walk into anyone’s office, including the CEO’s, and they won’t hesitate to answer questions or help you out,” he says. “If you ask someone here for a minute, they’ll give you an hour.”

The firm has a professional, focused approach that encourages curiosity and continuous learning, Brett says. The team also recognizes the importance of human connection and the need for a little fun to go along with a lot of hard work.

“We take our jobs very seriously, but we don’t lack for laughs around here,” he notes.