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Firm News

JMG Firm News July 2020

From Our CEO

It’s hard to believe we’ve already reached midyear as we assess what’s been happening around us. We’ve been extremely pleased with the seamless transition to working from home for all of our employees and we trust that our clients haven’t noticed any disruption in service. Credit goes to our technology team and speaks to the depth of our organization; feeling even more engaged with one another has been an ancillary benefit during this time.

Our strategy to return to our offices is being implemented in stages. Between our multiple locations, approximately 25% of our employees have returned to the offices. Since the safety of our employees, their families and our clients is our top priority, we’ve taken necessary steps to initiate procedures to assure that everybody feels safe and comfortable when in our offices.

In addition to managing the impact of COVID-19, we’re also saddened by the recent event that caused the death of George Floyd and the subsequent violence that has spread across this country. At JMG, I can assure you that racism and attitudes of social inequalities are unacceptable behaviors and will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, this belief is not shared by all in society. We can, however, continue to listen and educate ourselves to be proactive in taking action. As a leader, this has certainly prompted me to reflect on how to drive momentum for positive change.

On behalf of all JMG employees, we thank you for your trust and look forward to moving ahead, beyond these challenging times.

Anthony D. Cecchini, CEO

When presented with challenges, JMG Financial Group adapts – this is our weekly meeting to share and stay updated.