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Joseph Menconi Bio Shot

Joseph Menconi


Some folks find a calling later in life; others know what they were born to do from an early age. Joe falls squarely into the latter group. As a child, Joe would sit at the kitchen table with his mom and help her with budgeting and planning. In high school, he counseled teachers on retirement planning and the integration of their union benefits and pensions. Since then, his clients have reaped the benefits of Joe’s lifelong passion and talent for financial advising.

Joe grounds his trusted and sound counsel on the understanding that thoughtful planning can be the basis for fulfilling personal experiences and family harmony, and contribute to well-being.

When not serving clients, Joe enjoys being with his family and spending time outdoors boating, cycling and hiking.

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Master of Business Administration – Northern Illinois University
Bachelor of Science in finance and economics – Northern Illinois University

“Helping people enjoy their lives is the fundamental essence of financial planning.”