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Morgan Pearsall Bio Shot

Morgan Pearsall


Morgan loves the intellectual challenge of solving financial problems and implementing thoughtful, goal-oriented strategies for his clients. But Morgan doesn’t find the true value in his work in analytics and abstractions. He finds it in the benefits that his efforts make in his clients’ lives.

He finds it when he gives clients the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their financial future. He finds it when he helps clients understand what needs to be done to achieve their stated goals; motivates them to action; and removes any obstacles that stand in their way.

When not serving his clients, Morgan enjoys fine dining with his wife and close friends, followed by a nice walk to work it off.

Joined JMG





Master of Business Administration – University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Bachelor of Arts in math, French and philosophy – University of North Dakota

“It’s important for clients to know how much they are paying, who they are paying, and what, in turn, they are receiving.”