Moving Forward

Moving Forward

One of the advantages of being in a profession that requires planning for — and embracing — the future is that we've also been planning for our firm's future. Succession planning has been our priority for many years, so we are very comfortable and excited as we implement our internal leadership transition.

JMG's Executive Committee is responsible for the management of our firm. After Marita's retirement, the committee will be comprised of five individuals who represent 125 years of service at JMG, including 30 years on the Executive Committee. The leadership of the firm will remain consistent and evolve as any business does to stay competitive and dynamic in our industry.


Anthony Cecchini


Douglas Evans


Yonhee Gordon


Robert Meeks


William Waight

After serving as the Chief Compliance Officer for the past five years, and with 19 years of service at JMG, Anthony Cecchini has been named Chief Executive Officer, starting in January 2017. Douglas Evans will continue his role as President and Director of Financial Advisory Services and has been with JMG for 31 years; Yonhee Gordon, who has 30 years of service, will continue her role as Chief Operating Officer; and Robert Meeks and William Waight will continue to serve as Co-Chief Investment Officers, with Bob having 25 years with JMG, and Bill having 20 years with the firm.